About Me

My name is Ryan Shaw, I am a 23 year old student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. I currently study Computer Networking in my final year, covering modules such as Wireless and Mobile Networks, Routing, Network Design and Management, Penetration Testing and a project of my own choice which I have to complete during my third year. 


I have decided to create a virtual small business network for my project, which I would like to implement IPv6 into if this is possible so that I can expand my knowledge of IPv6, a protocol that is becoming increasingly significant due to the lack of IPv4 addressing space there is. 


My Story

I have always had a passionate interest in computers from a young age, and I decided to pursue this interest in high school by studying the Diploma in Digital Applications course. This included working with databases and spreadsheets, creating a small Flash animation and the creation of a basic website which was effectively a portfolio of my work. 


In college, I studied Information Technology at AS Level as well as Accounting, Business and Mathematics at A2 Level. I decided to drop Information Technology after my first year as I found that the course wasn't technical enough for my needs, therefore I had no interest in finishing off the course. At this moment in time I had decided I wanted to be an Accountant. However, 2 years of studying Accountancy showed me that I wasn't interested in doing this as a full time job. 


This resulted in me taking a year out of education whilst I decided what I wanted to do, as at that moment in time I had no idea at all and I felt that University wasn't the way for me. I worked full time for a year on minimum wage in a fast food restaurant whilst searching for work in the business and IT sectors.  However, a year later, after facing difficulty finding work in an industry I wanted to work in, I decided to return to education, completing a 2 year Foundation Degree in Computer Technology which I passed at 56%. This enabled me to continue my studies at University level where I achieved a 2:1 in my second year studying Computer Network Technology. I am hoping to achieve at least a 2:1 overall when I complete my Honours degree. 

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